Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing Solutions Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is a combination of glass panels that are divided by metal pieces dug into the ground for support. In contrast, frameless glass pool fencing is typically free of metal. At Cranbourne Fencing, we offer both options. With our solutions, we strive to strike a balance between beauty […]

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Options Compromising is never an option when it comes to the well-being of your family. You wouldn’t buy a car if it didn’t have seatbelts. And similarly, you shouldn’t build a pool without protecting it with a fence. There are various pool fencing styles to choose from when designing a pool fencing construction: […]

Timber Fencing

Why Timber is a Great Fencing Material Timber fencing is often used for its suitability in a natural setting. Timber can fit in seamlessly with your garden and will complement either front or backyard design. Our customers also prefer to colour the wood to bring out its natural charm. Others like to paint their timber […]

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium Fencing Benefits Check out some of the advantages of aluminium fences below for those who are still unfamiliar with them: Why Choose Cranbourne Fencing It is imperative that we provide the best quality materials while maintaining competitive pricing. Many of the fencing services we provide are highly creative and innovative. Our fencing technicians will […]

Colorbond Fencing

Why Colorbond Fencing is the Best Option Colorbond Fencing is the most widely used fence today; it has a long life span and, if installed correctly, can last for several years. Colorbond Fencing is currently the cheapest and most straightforward choice for people; it comes in various colours and can be installed and changed in […]