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Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we have the perfect fencing solution for your needs! We will provide you with an in-home consultation to discuss all of our options. If money is tight and does not want to spend too much on maintenance, keep reading because our inexpensive fence installation service might be just what you need. Do not hesitate any longer – contact us today!

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contemporary fence made of colorbond material | Cranbourne Fencing Pros

Colorbond Fencing

At Cranbourne Fencing, we understand that your property is one of your most treasured investments. Besides the regular maintenance and occasional refurbishments, you might also want to consider increasing its primary defences. Keep your home or commercial establishment safe by surrounding it with top-notch fencing.

Pool fencing

Building a swimming pool is an exciting and great way to upgrade your property. However, making sure that it is entirely secure and safe for your family, children, and even pets is a vital step you have to go through.

modern and chic backyard with pool enclosure | Cranbourne Fencing Pros
dark brown timber fence by Cranbourne Fencing Pros

TIMBER fencing

As you drive around the neighbourhoods of Cranbourne, you can observe timber fencing almost everywhere. Although there are a wide variety of fencing materials to choose from, with its effortless and cozy appeal, it is one of the most classic fencing options we offer at Cranbourne Fencing.

Aluminum fencing

Aluminium fences have achieved a lot of popularity in Cranbourne in recent years, and you can observe why if you will look closely at their features. They are one of the leading choices for people looking for a durable material and significant improvement in their properties’ curb appeal.

simple and striking image of a black aluminium fence | Cranbourne Fencing Pros
a pool area with semi-frameless glass pool fence | Cranbourne Fencing Pros


A glass enclosure is one of the most sophisticated and functional aspects that you can utilize in your swimming pool. There are a lot of residential and commercial property owners in Cranbourne who are switching to this kind of pool fencing because it can increase the curb appeal of their existing landscape and pool area.