Pool Fencing Cranbourne

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Pool Fencing in Cranbourne

We all enjoy a swim in our backyard on a hot day or just splash around with the kids, but let’s not dismiss the safety precautions. Aside from all of the Australian pool regulations, a secure, high-quality fence is imperative to keeping your loved ones safe.

You are all a part of our mission to end the child drowning problem. Your children deserve the most robust, secure swimming pool fencing available.


Reliable and Timely

Landscaping projects often contain many different tasks, which can sometimes be interdependent. We always strive to meet our deadlines to prevent delaying the overall project.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to the average customer, we're able to purchase the same materials at a much lower cost. We use this advantage to provide our fencing services at competitive rates.

Licensed Professionals

Our license enables us to take on any fencing job - no matter the size. Need a permit? No worries, we'll sort it out.

Pool Fencing Options

Compromising is never an option when it comes to the well-being of your family. You wouldn’t buy a car if it didn’t have seatbelts. And similarly, you shouldn’t build a pool without protecting it with a fence. There are various pool fencing styles to choose from when designing a pool fencing construction:

  • Colorbond Fence – Most households like it because it is stylish and unique. You can choose different colours to suit your style and your preferences.
  • Steel Fence – It is heavier and more robust than aluminium, but it can rust, particularly non-galvanized steel materials.
  • Aluminum Fence – Common and is an easy installation process. They need little to no upkeep because they are light and resistant to weather.
  • Glass Fence – Depending on the project, you get to choose between semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fencing.

Why Choose Cranbourne Fencing

We are accredited and approved to provide pool fencing for both residential and commercial pools. As a licensed firm, we understand the exact procedures required for building a pool fence that complies with all laws and regulations. Our fences are sturdy and long-lasting and incredibly effective at keeping children and pets safe. The fences have a child protection lock, and the height of the fence serves as a barrier to prevent kids from climbing over. We mount and deliver the parts needed to build a functioning and protective pool fence.

We recognize that protecting your pool is vital for the welfare of your children. That is why we have a dependable team that can build a pool on schedule. At Cranbourne Fencing Services, we deliver end-to-end glass pool fencing solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help building or fixing a glass pool fence.