5 Advantages of Vinyl Fencing for Your Property

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The great aspect about fences is that they can be manufactured from a myriad of materials. You will have a myriad of material options, so you can conveniently pick the one that will suit your budget as well as the design and functionality you require for your fence. Whether you wish to use wood, aluminium, chain link, wrought iron or other fence materials, at Cranbourne Fencing, we can help you install the fences that will fit your specifications and preferences.

In Cranbourne, vinyl fences are becoming one of the most sought-after choices for many property owners. Since it is very convenient to assemble and hardwearing, vinyl is an excellent choice for busy homeowners who wish to have attractive fences without worrying about regular maintenance. If you are still exploring various fencing materials for your home, look into the advantages that vinyl fences can extend to you and your property.

Low Maintenance

Once vinyl fences are set in place, it doesn’t really need any extensive maintenance for the years to come. You will not have to be worried about repainting projects because their colour can stay vibrant for a long time. Besides that, you don’t need to prime the fences because it is highly resistant to rust, mould, stain, mildew, and even termites. To keep your vinyl fences clean and stunning, you just have to wash them from time to time using some soap and water. You can also hose your fences occasionally to remove some stubborn dirt.


Did you know that vinyl is also an ecologically sound choice for your property? Since vinyl is not treated with harmful chemicals when manufactured, it is considered a non-toxic material. Besides that, this fence material can also be recycled after it has outlived its function. Therefore, vinyl fences are a worthy investment not just because they are functional and durable but also because they will not be wasted even if you decide to replace them.


Although the upfront cost of vinyl is higher compared to other fencing materials such as wood or wrought iron, it is still a cost-efficient choice in the long run. Unlike wood, vinyl fences do not require repainting or staining every other year. Through that, you can cut down on costs when it comes to maintenance. Besides that, this fencing material is also made to last so it can stay durable for decades. Repairs and replacements can be out of the picture because vinyl fences are hard-wearing and long-lasting.


Do you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather changes? Whether your place experiences strong winds, frequent rainstorms, relentless heatwaves or teeth-chattering temperatures – vinyl fences can stay durable amidst it all. It is also an excellent alternative if you live in a coastal area because saltwater will not affect its structure, and it will not rot. Moreover, if a part of your vinyl fence gets damaged, you just have to take that part away and install a new one.

Quick and Easy Installation

Since there are a lot of pre-made vinyl fences offered in the market, you can even install these fences by yourself. Installing them can be as simple as setting up the posts and sliding the railing. However, if you need a professional to take care of the installation, you can ask for the help of our dependable team at Cranbourne Fencing. Since we have been installing various types of fences for many years, we guarantee that we can efficiently accomplish the project for you.

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