Top Advantages of Wrought Iron Fences

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Are you trying to pick what kind of fencing material to use around your property? With all the range of materials to choose from as well as the factors that should meet requirements, making the final decision might be a challenge.

At Cranbourne Fencing, we carefully consider our customers’ practical requirements and style preferences to help them decide what type of fence they need for their property. Besides that, we use high-quality materials to ensure that the fences we install will last for a long time without too much maintenance.

Our team recommends wrought iron fences for both residential and commercial applications. Although wrought iron fences are not as affordable as timber, their benefits, in the long run, make their upfront cost worth it. Check out the advantages of a wrought iron fence to know more about it.

Strong and Long-Lasting

Wrought iron has a unique composition which makes it an ideal material for fences. Since it is usually manufactured from iron with a little bit of carbon, this material is hardwearing and malleable enough to be designed as a fence. With these characteristics, wrought iron is known to last for decades, even with little maintenance.

Unlike timber and aluminium fences, you don’t have to worry about rot and rust because wrought iron will not easily succumb to harsh elements and adverse weather conditions. If you wish to retain the brand new look of your wrought iron fences, you can have them repainted every 10 to 15 years.


Due to the durability and strength of wrought iron fences, it is one of the leading choices for security fencing. It features a great level of security to homes, commercial and industrial establishments. Many establishments in Cranbourne have security fences and gates made of wrought iron. There are also instances when wrought iron fencing is used on top brick walls for added security. Once this type of fencing is correctly secured to stable ground, it will not be easily broken, torn or cut.

You can also utilize wrought iron as a pool fence because it features a secure area for your kids without fully blocking the view around the area. Moreover, its strength can withstand physical pressure, so it is also suitable for keeping trespassers and unwanted visitors off your house or property.

Support for Landscaping

The traditional and minimalist appearance of wrought iron fences can significantly upscale the curb appeal of your landscape. Compared to other fencing options, this fence’s open design will not totally obstruct the scenic views of your garden or pool area. Since it is a malleable fencing material, you can have a bespoke fence for your home. You can customize it to look as unique as you want. Wrought iron fences can be styled into elaborate spirals, curves, scrolls or other eye-catching designs. It can also be merged with other building materials such as timber, brick, glass and steel.

Aside from that, wrought iron fences can also offer support for plants. Some landscapers recommend wrought iron fences as a good structure that can support climbing plants. You can let your hedges or climbing plants grow along with this type of fence to create a unique border for your home.

Elevate your property’s security and aesthetics with the best fencing contractors in Cranbourne.