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Fencing Cranbourne

Cranbourne Fencing is a team of robust and innovative contractors who deliver superior and durable fencing throughout the city. We can be your one-stop fencing service provider to efficiently install various types of fences such as timber fencing, aluminium fencing and colorbond fencing.

We have secured numerous residential and commercial properties for a long time. Since then, we have flourished and become one of Cranbourne’s most trusted and dependable fencing service providers.

At Cranbourne Fencing Services, we are recognized for providing fencing services, including installations, repairs, and refurbishments. Our dependable staff will carry out on-site surveys to guide you in choosing the perfect fencing solution for your property.

By extending impressive outputs and unmatched services, we have many repeat customers who recommend us to their families, colleagues, and friends. Our main goal is to make everything convenient for our clients so you can be assured that our knowledgeable and approachable professionals got your back from preliminary consultation until the fencing project completion.

Have you decided to upscale the security and aesthetic of your spaces? At Cranbourne Fencing Services, we believe that with the help of effective fencing, you will be able to boost your property’s market value as well as its privacy and security for your loved ones.

Get in touch with our reliable crew using the contact information we provided below with any inquiries you may have with regards to the fencing plans and projects you have. We are always one call away, and it is our pleasure to assist you anytime.

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Licensed Professionals

Our license enables us to take on any fencing job - no matter the size. Need a permit? No worries, we'll sort it out.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to the average customer, we're able to purchase the same materials at a much lower cost. We use this advantage to provide our fencing services at competitive rates.

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Reliable and Timely

Landscaping projects often contain many different tasks, which can sometimes be interdependent. We always strive to meet our deadlines to prevent delaying the overall project.


We can guarantee that all of our fencing installs will comply with the local regulations.

our Services

At Cranbourne Fencing Pros, we provide a variety of fencing solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminum, timber, and colorbonds. Check out our list of services below. 

Colorbond® Fencing in Cranbourne

Does your yard need a fence? If so, you’ll want to look into colorbond fencing. This type of low maintenance and durable material is gaining popularity as the most popular in building fences because it offers many benefits for such an affordable price point. And if all that wasn’t enough, Colorbond Fencing also draws attention from others who love its appearance – just like when you’re wearing new clothes at work on casual Fridays!

At Cranbourne Fencing Services, we understand that your property is one of your most treasured investments. Besides the regular maintenance and occasional refurbishments, you might also want to consider increasing its primary defences. Keep your home or commercial establishment safe by surrounding it with top-notch fencing.

Our team of proficient and reliable fencing contractors can offer you an artfully crafted enclosure that can protect your loved ones, possessions, and property without compromising the existing curb appeal of your spaces. Colorbond fencing is an exemplary fencing choice for many property owners in Cranbourne.

With our colorbond fences crafted out of superior quality steel and styled based on your requirement, you can give your outdoor areas a new and aesthetic touch. Besides its main purpose of protecting your property, here are several benefits you can acquire with colorbond fencing:

Timber Fencing in Cranbourne

As you drive around the neighbourhoods of Cranbourne, you can observe timber fencing almost everywhere. Although there are a wide variety of fencing materials to choose from, with its effortless and cozy appeal, it is one of the most classic fencing options we offer at Cranbourne Fencing.

At Cranbourne Fencing, we can guide you in choosing what perfect timber fencing design and structure are suitable for your area by weighing the essential factors that align with your requirements.

With our years of expertise in installing timber fences throughout the city, we can cater to your unique and specified fencing needs. Simply reach out to our responsive customer service staff so we can talk more about your timber fencing plans. If you are still evaluating your options on whether you will have timber fencing for your outdoor spaces, take a glimpse of some of its advantages.

Aluminium Fencing in Cranbourne

Aluminium fences have achieved a lot of popularity in Cranbourne in recent years, and you can observe why if you will look closely at their features. They are one of the leading choices for people looking for a durable material and significant improvement in their properties’ curb appeal.

At Cranbourne Fencing, we assure our customers that investing in aluminium fencing is a good way of having a return on investment because of its long lifespan and numerous advantages. Our dependable and licensed contractors can offer you the aluminium fencing solution that is suited for your needs and preferences. Reach out to our responsive staff to avail of a free quote and also for us to be enlightened with your aluminium fencing requirements.

For those that are still new to the benefits of aluminium fences, check out some of them below:


What people say?

Thanks guys - you've been amazing! We tried getting a couple quotes but most didn't show up. With Cranbourne Fencing, we got an instant quote and the job was finished after four weeks!
Sue Gray
We've been burned by a couple of fencing companies in the past - these guys hit the nail on the head. Good communication and quick turnaround - definitely would recommend!
Daniel Roy
Big thanks to the guys at Cranbourne Fencing - we had a pretty urgent last minute job for a client. The guys got to work straight away and we were able to hit the deadline. Cheers guys!
Tracey Simmons

Glass Pool Fencing in Cranbourne

A glass enclosure is one of the most sophisticated and functional aspects that you can utilize in your swimming pool. There are a lot of residential and commercial property owners in Cranbourne who are switching to this kind of pool fencing because it can increase the curb appeal of their existing landscape and pool area.

At Cranbourne Fencing, we make sure to understand and deliberate the scope and scale of your pool fencing project so we can come up with numerous suggestions on how we can elevate and maximize your space. With our myriad of glass pool fencing motif choices, you can surely pinpoint the one to suit your pool requirement and preferences. If you have envisioned a glass pool fence in your property, learn more about the advantages it can extend to you:

a pool area with semi-frameless glass pool fence | Cranbourne Fencing Pros
modern and chic backyard with pool enclosure | Cranbourne Fencing Pros

Pool Fencing in Cranbourne

Building a swimming pool is an exciting and great way to upgrade your property. However, making sure that it is entirely secure and safe for your family, children, and even pets is a vital step you have to go through. Note that a swimming pool may be a luxurious purchase for your space but do not forget the danger it poses to your loved ones without a protective pool fence in place. Do not let your dream pool turn into a nightmare, and have a pool fence installed as soon as you can.

Since it is legally required to have pool fences in Cranbourne, you have to look for an expert and reliable contractor to handle the installation project for you. At Cranbourne Fencing, we build outstanding pool fences that abide by the laws and specifications set by the community so you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind. If you are not yet set and ready to have pool fencing, here are some of its pros that may convince you to have it now:

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We understand that fencing and gates are the best way to protect your property. With Fencing Cranbourne, we can deliver a new fence or gate within 1 week of you booking it in for installation! All projects will be installed with care by our expert staff at all times.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely yes! We have been installing fences throughout Cranbourne for many years. Reach out to us through the hotline or email we provided so we can further discuss your fencing installation project.

If you’re looking for a fence that will fit your aesthetic needs, we have more than just black chain link fences! Choose from colours like white, brown and silver to find the perfect colour for you. With this many options available in so many different shades of one single colour, it’s easy to match any décor style out there.

Yes. Vinyl slats inserted into an existing chain link fence is a great and affordable way to add privacy while preserving the look of your home’s exterior. There are many colours available, including green or brown for those with more natural tastes in landscaping design. Vinyl envelopes have some other benefits as well: it’s easy to clean if anything gets on there by just using soap and water; no painting required; won’t rot like wood will over time so you don’t need expensive equipment maintenance down the line! Pre-slatted chains offer all these same features–plus they’re also durable enough against strong winds that may come during truly stormy weather!

We do have a partnership with Dandenong Fencing and Rockhampton Fencing to provide quality fencing installation and maintenance around the country.